How to Make a Favicon Easily?

The name "favicon" comes from phrase FAVorite ICON. Why is it needed? It was made for the convenience of the browser users. Favicon indicates this or that site. It’s the logo of the website.

Previously, you could see the favicon image in the address bar of browsers, before the URL of the open page but after all, browsers began to support tabs, this icon migrated to those very tabs. But when there are a lot of them open, it is the favicon that allows us to understand which tab to which site corresponds to.

It is important that the favicon you use attracts attention, as this leads to substantial growth in the number of visitors who come to you from the search pages. Users will often find your site among the many tabs open in the browser or among the hundreds of bookmarks.If your project is not yet configured with favicon, then it's high time to think about creating and installing it.

This will allow you to attract more visitors from the search results. The icon will be displayed next to the address of your project, prompting users to choose you, and not the issuing neighbor.

How to Make a Favicon?

Favicons are supposed to be saved in the ICO format and put in the bottom of the site (although it can be a different place). Special online generators will be useful to make a favicon. Usually, they are easy to work with and convenient.

So, how to generate favicon?

  1. Using a special service for creating favicons from scratch. Such services are convenient, fast and create interesting icons of good quality. Before creating a favicon, you need to start creating a logo, and on its basis, you can get a good favicon with just a few mouse clicks. You create a favicon from scratch, but make less effort than in a graphics editor.
  2. Using services that have built-in drawing tools, as well as the ability to download an image from your computer to reduce it to the desired size.
  3. Applying the special database of icons for the site and download the ready favicon.
  4. Ordering from the designer. You can order a favicon from a local designer or find a designer on special services. The favicon created by the designer will be unique and professional, but you will not have such a large selection of icons; it will not take long for it to be expensive.
  5. Using graphics editors such as Photoshop. Not the easiest way, it requires a lot of time, but with the help of Photoshop, you can really create something original and unique.
  6. Favicon.Guru is in the top list of the most reliable and easy to work with online favicons converters.